Online Grocery Shopping My New Favorite Market

With this new journey to a non-gmo, sugar free, organic, non toxic life style I am trying to create for my family, I can no longer do the one stop shop.  So, I now shop at Walmart, Trader Joes, the meat market for my meat and Jeffrey stops at Safeway once in a while.  I get some things from ePantry and now, I have a new favorite place to shop. Online grocery shopping!  How cool is that?  The more online shopping I can do, the happier I am.  I do not like hitting 5 different stores for groceries.




I am so excited to share Thrive Market with you.  With this life style some times you have to be creative.  However, I am quickly learning it doesn’t have to kill the budget.  I can get wholesome, natural, products at a fraction of the price at places like Thrive Market.  I looked up Thrive Market after seeing a post on  In less than a month I have ordered 3 times.  Don’t tell Jeffrey :}

Thrive Market is whole foods at wholesale prices.  Kind of like a Whole Foods Costco, except online.  This online market offers brands you already know and love, like Nature’s Path, Dr. Bronners, Seventh Generation, and Bob’ Red Mill along with many others at 25% – 50% below retail price.

Thrive Market also covers many of the dietary needs like Paleo, Non GMO, Vegan, Certified Organic and Gluten Free.  The great thing is you can search the website by your preferred diet.

Thrive Market offers free shipping on orders $49.00 or more and it’s usually around $5.00 for orders under $49.00.  Shipping is a deal breaker for me.  I can’t count how many times I find a “great” thing online only to have the shipping to be as much or more than the item I am ordering.  Nothing will stop me dead in my ordering tracks like over priced shipping.

Okay, enough about them.  Now about my savings.  I just receive my 2nd order from them  and I want to share with you what I got.  In an earlier post, Sugar Free Strawberry Jam in the Crockpot, I shared Swerve with you.


The natural alternative to sugar that you can use 1:1 like sugar.   I ordered it first on Amazon for $12.95 for a 16oz bag.  YIKES!  This time I ordered 4 bags from for $8.95 each.  A savings of $4.00 a bag.  I ordered 4 because I wanted 4, I didn’t get the discount for bulk.

I also ordered Lily’s Sugar Free Chocolate Chips that are made with Stevia.  I found them on Amazon for almost $10.00 a bag.  At that price I knew I’d never buy them.  I got them from Thrive Market for $5.95. That’s a huge savings.  I also ordered 2 bags of Kettle Chips and a bag of Bob’s Mill ArrowRoot Starch/Flour.  All things that I will be needing for the next 2 weeks.   The total of my Thrive Market order was $49.80 with free shipping.  I can’t beat that in the grocery store!  I love online shopping, especially for groceries!

There are so many great things about Thrive Market, you have GOT to check them out!


Where do you shop for the best prices on the items you love? Do you online grocery shop? If so, what your favorite market online?



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