Amazon Prime – Is It Worth $99 A Year



I’ve used Amazon for several years now. I like to use Amazon, because Jeffrey doesn’t. He is an eBay shopper. I like eBay just fine, but when I order something for him or vise versa, the surprise ends up getting ruined. Why? Because the account is in my name, but has his email address attached to it. So instead of changing all that, I just got an Amazon account instead. Problem solved.


A couple years ago, when I was with my parents, I used my friends Amazon Prime Account to watch movies. With her permission of course. It was nice to watch movies on my kindle while everyone was sleeping.

I signed up for Amazon Prime a couple times. When you do that, you get 30 days free. I thought that was great. However, I did’t want to spend the $99. Mostly, because I wasn’t sure it was worth it. So I’d cancel the membership after my trial.

This last Christmas, I purchased an item for Jeffrey and accidentally accepted the Prime membership. Since I used it, I wouldn’t be able to cancel it.  So I was in.


I got to thinking today about everything I have ordered since December.  So here’s the list:  6 Christmas gifts, 2 birthday gifts, 8 hand bags :),  2 bags of bees wax, candle wicks, tea light cups, palm oil for my candles, 2 bags of Swerve sweetener,  a pattern for my mom, a carburetor spacer for my Monte Carlo, a counter top composter and bags, vacuum bags, soap nuts, Dr Bonners Castile Soap, 2 books, a shower liner, and my co worker ordered some amber glass bottles, a funnel and a glass dropper for essential oils.

Wow, that was a lot since December.  That’s 5 months of shopping with a Prime membership.  I had planned to figure out the exact shipping I would have spentbut I was unable to do that.  Since I have a Prime membership now, I can’t check the items I purchased already for how much shipping would have been.  I did go back over some of my purchase history over the years to give me an idea.

Let’s assume that each item I purchased would have cost me anywhere between $3-$7 dollars in shipping.  At $3 each item shipping would have been $114.  At $7 each shipping would have been $266.  So in 5 months I’ve not only recouped my $99 Prime Membership, but I saved at the very least $15, if not much more.   I still have 7 months to go on my Prime membership.  I think that’s worth it!!

There are a couple other reasons Amazon Prime is worth the $99 a year.  One is free music with the Amazon Music App.


You download the app to your hand held device, sign in to your Amazon account and pick your music.  There are tons and tons of free song and albums with Amazon Prime.  I already mentioned the free movies, but it’s worth mentioning again.  Free Shipping, Free Music and Free Movies.  What could be better?

How much money do you think you’ve saved with Amazon Prime?






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