Burlap Kitchen Valance – DIY

Ever since Christmas, I’ve had this valance in my kitchen window.  It’s Spring!   I honestly forgot it was even there.  The snowmen are small and I don’t usually look “up” at the window, I look “out” the window.  So I completely missed it when I was putting the Christmas decorations.


I didn’t have anything to put up there anyway.  This last fall I saw coffee print burlap at the local variety store.  I decided, that if they still had some, I’d buy it and make a valance.  I was totally in luck!  They had 2/3 of a yard left.  Perfect for a kitchen burlap valance.  I brought it home and got to work.

I knew I wanted to just make a basic valance.  Nothing to fancy.  Never working with burlap before, I did a little research first.

First, I learned how to make a straight cut with burlap.  Super cool and easy.  You just find where you want to make the cut, find a thread in that spot and begin to pull it out.  Be careful though, because the thread can break easily.  I learned that the hard way …  lol







You can see the line it made to follow in the picture above.  This technique made it very easy to make a straight cut.

I read that it unravels rather easily and I didn’t want that.  So first, I cut some strips of news paper to use as fabric tape.  I cut them the size of the fold I wanted on the bottom as shown here.



I folded it twice, ironed it down to hold it in place and used the sewing machine to stitch it up.  That seemed to work pretty well.






I decided to try something different with the top.  I got out the hot glue gun and went to folding, ironing and glueing.



That seemed to work well too .. except I didn’t let the glue dry long enough before I used the machine on it.  OOPS! lol  Anyway, once it was able to get the top stitched up.  It turned out great.  I am a huge coffee lover and this valance fits my kitchen perfectly!



What sewing project have you done recently that you just love?




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