Homemade Mayo The Fast and Easy Way

Epic Fail

I’ve been working on homemade mayo for several weeks now. I have been doing a Pinterest search and trying out different ones. Most of them call for 1 egg and 1 egg yolk at room temperature, a cup of lite oil such as olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar, some salt and dry mustard. Let me just say that the mayo was coming out bland and runny. I’ve looked at different methods of blending the mayo, each one saying to pour the oil in really slow. Which I was doing. I tried the hand whisk method. Having Jeffrey whisk as fast as he can as I slowly pour in the oil. It was just a runny mess. I tried using my Ninja Smoothie blender, same problem. Ugh! I just gave up and bought Just Mayo from Thrive Market. It’s non GMO certified and had just a few ingredients. I like it. The kids eat it. So we’re good.


Mayo Hope

Then I came across a pin on Pinterest that uses a Immersion blender. I thought, “Um. Maybe”.  A few weeks ago, when Jeffrey and I were out for our Saturday date and shopping, we picked one up. I put it in the cabinet and left it there.  Since that week was a bit trying with losing our family pet, I wasn’t in any mood to experiment.   However, the next Tuesday was my day off and I had to make granola,  garlic hummus and cookies. I decided to give the mayo a whirl. Pun intended. lol I found this pin on Pinterest and got to work.


Let me tell you I was absolutely amazed.   Mine turned out just like hers in the photo above.  I had been trying all those methods. Wasting all those eggs. And eating runny mayo. When all along I could have been using this immersion blender and making real, thick, creamy, yumo mayo. I am so EXCITED!!  Thank you Sonia!

Homemade Mayo Original Recipe  

You can find the original recipe on www.thehealthyfoodie.com She has some great pictures of the process.  I honestly didn’t believe them until I did it myself.  You’ve got to try this!

Have you tried a pin from Pinterest only to have it be a failure?  Did you give up? Keep looking for different pins? Or did you experiment on your own? Let me know.  I’d love to hear about your experiences.



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