Sun Time is Essential

Sun Time is Essential

We live in an area where it rains most of the year.  So when the sun shines here, I get a lot happier.  I try not to let the weather set my day, but sometimes it’s not easy.

We’ve have had an amazing summer.  It’s been too hot for me several times this summer.  I think 85 is perfect, but we’ve been in the upper 90’s a lot.   So when the weather is perfect, I love to come home from work, change into shorts, sit in the sun and wait for Jeffrey to come home and join me.  My sun time is essential.  I need the vitamin D for sure since this area is so cloudy most of the time.  I need the alone time as well.  And I honestly feel the love of Jesus all around me when I am out in my chair.  It’s a lovely thing.

However, since mom has moved here that sun time happens less and less.  Each day holds something different.  Sometimes I can come home and sit in the sun for a little bit, but most days I don’t get to.  I have to get right to work on the daily chores of laundry, some cleaning and dinner, because the evening is filled with helping my mom.  I used to hold off on some of those chores or spend 10 minutes in the sun and then do a chore.  It doesn’t work that way any longer.

So Tuesday this week, I could feel the tension and anxiety of not getting that vitamin D and alone time.  I went to work feeling anxious trying to work fast to get everything done, as if that would make time go faster.  It doesn’t.   I decided to take a lunch break. Which I don’t usually do.  At noon I closed up the office and headed home.  I spent a glorious 40 minutes in the sun.  I live just 5 minutes from work, so it was perfect.  Once I went back to the office.  I felt much better.  I felt relaxed and ready to tackle what was left on my desk.  I stayed after closing 45 minutes.  So I almost made up all the lost time and got everything done.  It’s a win win!

I know there is lots of controversy about sitting in the sun.  So much about skin cancer and melanoma.  That disease is terrible for sure.  I have had Squamish Cell Carcinoma removed my hand a few years ago.  However, I do not believe for one minute it was caused from me sitting in the sun or my occasional use of the tanning beds.

According to an article by  Dr. Mercola, sun exposure is essential to our bodies.  Yes, we need to be careful and limit our time in the sun until we develop the pigmentation that protects our skin from the sun.  Until we are tan.  Then we can spend more time in the sun.  Of course he says we need to sit in the shade and wear a hat and more clothing.  Making sure we moisturize our skin with non SPF, pure, organic, natural lotions and even coconut oil.  The SPF blocks the UV rays that provide the Vitamin D that we need.  Not to mention the toxic chemicals in most lotions on the market today.  I believe they cause more skin cancer than sun exposure.

One of my favorite bloggers is  I have here a link to her post “Why (Most) Sunscreen is Harmful”.

Then you can read her post on “How to Make Natural Sunscreen”.

How about you?  How do you feel about sun exposure?  Let me know your thoughts in the reply link above this post.

Happy Summer ♥ Sabrina



6 Replies to “Sun Time is Essential”

  1. This is so true. I live in northern Wisconsin and we have loooooooong winters. Usually by February I am craving sunshine. I refuse to go to tanning beds because I’ve seen skin cancer first hand, no thank you, but man, it gets hard because all I want is to feel sun. *sigh*


    1. Oh my, I am sure the winter is long in Wisconsin. It just rains her in Washington! lol Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!


  2. I don’t think a ton of sun time is good, but I definitely feel better when I’ve had some sun time each day. Sometimes when I’m waiting for the girls to get home from school, I’ll go to the bus stop early and just find a sunny spot to sit in for a few minutes. It definitely seems to elevate my mood! We’ve had a little TOO much sun lately in Houston, but I know as the colder months arrive I’ll need to make an effort to get my Vitamin D.


    1. I admit. I probably spend more time in the hot sun than I should. Well not this summer with my mom here. lol I’m too busy!


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