Smelly Puppy Spray

We have a smelly puppy. We need smelly puppy spray. Kaiser is 4 months old and we are having a bit of trouble getting him to let us know when he has to “go”.  So consequently, he stinks up the house and it’s getting to be an issue.  Luckily, we gate him off in the kitchen, so it’s an easy clean up.  But the smell is disturbing.

Smelly Puppy

When he has an accident, we open up the windows, doors and turn on the fans to air the place out. It works, but takes a while and it can get a little cold in the house.

We use essential oils for lots of different things.  I knew I’d seen “natural air freshener” on Pinterest.  So I went looking last night.

I can across one from “Don’t Mess With Mama“.   Super easy, short and sweet.  I had everything I needed.  And with several different oils to choose from,  I can make different ones in different bottles.  For this I used peppermint.  I added the ingredients, shook it up and sprayed away.

Awww the smell of fresh peppermint!

If you haven’t really used EO’s before and have questions.  You can find more information about doTerra EO’s on my doTerra website.  You an also contact me from there as well.

So, any ideas on how to get the dog to tell us when he’s gotta go?  I’ve taught him to speak, but he won’t speak when he’s gotta “go”.

Any potty training advice you can give me? Please share your experiences.    I’d also, love to hear some different Essential Oil combinations you may have used as air freshener.





3 Replies to “Smelly Puppy Spray”

  1. We did the bell on the door… ringing it ourselves whenever we took her out for potty (not for walks). She got the hang of it quicker than you would think! He’s a cutie! Good luck…


  2. Also if every time you take Kaiser outside you tell him to go potty, he’ll associate that command with the act of going potty and eventually he’ll be able to go on command when you take him out.


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