2 Worship Songs That Will Inspire You To Trust Him

There are times when I just need to worship.  Today is one of those days.

There are several forms of worship, but mine is music.  Right now there are 2 worship songs that just draw me into Him.  They help me to humble myself. To release my control of my circumstances.


Who AM I

The first song, reminds me of who I am in Him.  Sometimes I just need to know.  Ya know?  Sometimes I begin to lose hope a bit and questions what I am doing here anyway.  You know, I’ve talked about that before.  You can read more about it in my other post, “What I do When I Am Spiritually Dry”. It comes up very frequently because when I walk into my moms home, which happens daily, the hopelessness is so thick.  Her disposition is so sad.  She doesn’t want to be here.  She doesn’t want to eat or get exercise.  She just wants to sit and play solitaire and then drink beer all evening.  I have to make a chore list for her, just to get her to do anything other than laundry.  She only does laundry because she runs out of clothes.  Very sad existence.

What Do I Do

I wonder, do I keep trying to help her eat and work her legs? Or do I just leave her be and watch her decline.  Very hopeless and I need Him daily to combat that.  Yes, I’ve tried to talk and reason with her, but it doesn’t matter.  She really doesn’t care.  Her words tell me, “yes, I want to get stronger and more healthy”, but her actions say otherwise.  She just sits.  And to be honest, it’s emotionally exhausting for me to go to her daily and “make” her walk the stairs or eat supper.  I spend the time with her and just doesn’t want to do anything or eat.


The other song reminds me to trust Him with all things at all times.   Trusting Him for some reason is so difficult.  It’s not like He’s ever done me wrong.

When I was growing up, He protected me from so much of the violence and abuse in my home.  I saw some and was hurt by some, but so much less than I could have been.

He got me through so may trying times when loosing relationships with people I cared deeply for was happening all at once.  One relationship was restored a few years later and even now we have reconnected.

He restored my marriage that could have ended so badly.

He helped me raise my children and has protected them from so much.

He has always provided, always protected and always been Hope when all Hope seemed lost.

When daddy died and I turned my back on Him, He quietly waited for me to see the error of my ways.  He quietly loved me though others.

I have no reason not to trust Him, but again I need reminded that I need to trust Him always.  See how the two songs go hand in hand.  First, to remember who I am and second to trust Him with that.

2 Worship Songs

The first song is, Jason Gray – Remind Me Who I Am.   You may already know this song, but this video and the lyrics are so powerful to hear again.

The second song is,  Lauren Daigle – Trust In You.  Again, powerful stuff here.

You’ve got to listen to these songs.  Add them to your play list and remember you are Loved by the Great and Loving God.  You are Saved by Grace though Jesus Christ and trusting Him is the only thing you really need to do.



In the “leave comment” link at the top of this page, tell me what you think of these 2 songs.  How do they draw you to HIM?  Do they encourage you?  What songs hit you the most?


I hope you have been encouraged In Christ.




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