Is There Really “Happily Ever After”?


Happily Ever After

It wasn’t love at first sight, at least not for her.

But she’d been through enough of those relationships to know she wanted something different.

Her heart had been recently broken, her walls were up.

In her quiet moments alone she wrote a list and prayed over that list daily.

What was on her list you ask?

She wanted a man who would love her for who she was. Not one who was looking to get something from her.
She wanted a man with integrity. A man who loved Jesus. Who was honest and hard working.

She was finally ready for a real man.

When she walked in the room and saw him she was drawn to him. She didn’t know why, but she was.

Weeks later making her move she invited him out. She wasn’t the girl that waited for a man to make his move. She knew what she wanted and didn’t waste time.

He agreed and from there they spent the next few months getting to know each other.

Much too fast they decided to get married and live happily ever after. Or so they hoped.

In the months that followed the wedding, life was what they’d hoped for, but again much too soon, she found herself pregnant. Joy and fear followed.

As the months went by her belly grew and her body changed. Her heart gained love and anticipation for this new life growing inside her.

Unfortunately, marriage became more tough than she ever expected.

When the baby boy came she’d hoped marriage would be better, but the more the baby cried the harder marriage became.

She put her walls up and her husband closed himself off as well.

Trying as they might to love intentionally, they would open up to each other, then fight and close themselves up again.

Another baby bump began to show itself. Her body adjusted quickly this time and this brought a baby girl.

”Surely marriage would be better now?” She thought to herself.
But is wasn’t.

Another child brought more anxiety and fear for them. They just grew more distant.

Years of fighting and making up ensued.

They fought about sex. They fought about how to parent and they fought about money.

Over and over each day was the same, but they would try. They sought counseling, the talked to friends and family. They praying for the Lord to heal them.

It seemed they’d never be the happily ever after they had hoped for all those years ago.

The kids grew. They began to need her less and less. She felt so alone. He felt so alone. They both knew they wouldn’t make it.

She quit loving him. She wanted out. She told him so.

He couldn’t believe it. He blamed himself.

She was to blame, but he didn’t accept that. He didn’t want to loose her. He wanted to fight for her.

He cried. She was cold. Empty and blank.

He went to the Lord willing to give his life to keep her. He was willing to do what ever it took.

The Lord said “ love her as I have loved the church. Giving my life for her”.

He said, “yes Lord, but how?” The Lord said, “give your life for her. Put her first, be unselfish. Put her needs ahead of your own.”

And he did …

As time when by, her cold hearted exterior began to warm up to his intentional love.

And she loved him …

They finally found happily ever after. They found it in the struggles. They found it in the trials of life.
They found it in the Lord.
They found it submitting to one another.
Ephesians 5:21.


This is a true and accurate account of my “happily ever after”.

It’s not been easy, but well worth it!


Happy Thanksgiving 💞


4 Replies to “Is There Really “Happily Ever After”?”

  1. Love this blog post above all your others. Love the authenticity and love you two. It’s been a privilege to pray for your love story as you have prayed for mine. ~Tina


    1. My dear soul sister in Christ, I am so grateful for your prayers. For your friendship and love. Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for your support.
      This is my favorite as well. I love to encourage others with the word of God, but my heart is with those who struggle in marriage. We have been to the end and back. I hope others will know our story and want restoration for themselves.
      Love you 💞


  2. Thanks for sharing your story Sabrina. It’s so beautiful to see God working in the lives of His people! Our God is so faithful! He instituted marriage and it’s His delight to help His children walk through the ups and downs of their life together. Marriage is not easy!! It requires each person to humble themselves and strive to consider their spouses needs above their own. Your marriage is a wonderful example of the power of God to rescue and restore. 💕


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