Looking To 2018

Like most people, I’ve been looking to 2018.  This last year was a good year mostly, but it’s always good to look forward and not back. So, that’s what I’m doing.

What are my goals?

Will I continue to blog?

How do I want to improve myself?

How do I want to improve my relationship with Jesus?

How can I improve my relationships with my husband and my kids?

How will the year look for my mom?

What is my focus word for 2018?

How can we budget better?

The list goes on and on. lol.

What are my goals?

I want to read real books again  I have a couple in mind.

One is; “A Gospel Primer for Christians”  This was recommended by MoneySavingMom.com  She says all christians should read it. So I figure, Why Not?

I want to keep up on the housework this year.  I started out well in 2017, but then in May I began working from home a bit and I got to busy with work, my mom and her dog with cancer to keep up the way I want. I will be done working completely at the end of December, so I’m looking forward to getting the dust of my ceiling fans again.

Will I continue to blog?

Yes, I think I will.  I’ve veen changing things up  trying to find a different host that isn’t gonna cost me almost $200 a year.  I’m moving from WordPress.org hosted by Blue Host to WordPress.com.  It’s less expensive and just as user friendly.  It will take a little more work, but so far the transition is going quiet well.

How can I improve myself?

WORKOUT and EAT WELL!!   I cannot stress enough how tired I am of this extra 15 pounds I’ve put on.  I’ve gotta get it off!!  So on to another year of trying again and not giving up.

How can I improve my relationship with Jesus?

I’ve been wanting to join a bible study, but I am not interested in a 9 am Monday or a 6 pm Friday.  I was thinking an online study might be more to my taste.
I found an online bible study with a Facebook interactive page.  It’s called Womens Bible Cafe. I was hooked with the Cafe part.  I wanna sit in cozy cafe talking about Jesus drinking coffee. Yum!  They are doing a study written by Beth Moore.  I think I’m going to enjoy it.  It’s called Breaking Free.  It starts Jan 22nd.

How can I improve my relationships with my husband and kids?  

One word: Serve.  I will find ways to serve them more this year.  Now that the kids are adults that looks different. I don’t want to do too much for them and take away from their life lessons.  Serving Jeffrey is sometimes a challenge, because he is a servant, always.  Lots of times he has everything done or is in the middle of doing the things I was going to do.

What will the year look like for my mom?

I have no idea.  Her health is declining.  She has stomach pain after she eats, so she isn’t eating much.  Getting her to drink water, do her PT, or even leave the house has become a challenge the last couple months.  Her dog was diagnosed with cancer again in July and the vets can’t seem to agree on what to do.  It has already cost a fortune.  His quality of life is still good, so we will keep doing what we are doing until it isn’t any longer.

What is my focus word be in 2018?

I will again seek hope, peace and joy anyway this new year, but I’m adding Serve to that list.  This will be a HUGE challenge for me as I already give so much of myself to my mom, I feel as though I do not have much left in me.  I will pray about that and let the Lord lead.

How can we budget better?

This is also a challenge. Jeffrey and I are both spenders and IF he is okay with spending money on something, I don’t usually go against him.  I think we will go back to cash for groceries in 2018.  I also, will get back to meal planning.  We’ve been missing the mark since Thanksgiving with all the leftovers.  Sticking to a meal plan always helps the budget.

Well there you have it.  I think my goals for the year are all well and good.  We will see how many books I read and how much weight I loose.  How much money we can save and how well we can eat.

What about you?  What does your 2018 goals look like?

Leave me a comment and let me know.

Happy New Year.  May the Lord bless you and keep you. 


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