Pinterest Pin Reviews “Pins I’ve Tried and My Opinion” – Part 1 DIY



I’ve been on Pinterest for 2 years now I believe.  I was instantly HOOKED!!  Pinterest is like my favorite things all in one place.  I love it!!

Save Yourselves

This pin from says it all!
So I’ve decided to do a 3 part post on Pins I’ve Tried and My Opinion.  I have a Pinterest board just for this purpose.  This first post will be DIY pins I’ve tried and how they worked or didn’t work for me.  Then I will do a post on recipes and one on fitness.  This should be fun.  🙂



So first off we have “Corks As Plant Labels” found on
Now I thought this was a great idea.  I drink a little wine now and then.  Not much.  Mostly with Italian food.  Mmm mmm good!
I had a friend give me a bunch of corks as well, so this was a great way to use them, or so I thought.  Unfortunately, they weather very quick and you have to rewrite the label.  Oh well.  I used them 2 seasons in a row and will probably use them again this year as well.


Next up we have “Refill Your Swiffer Wet Jet Bottle” from
I was totally excited about this one 2 years ago.   I even did this for mom to save her money.   I wouldn’t use Swiffer cleaner if you paid me now.  But this pin was cool.  You boil the lid for like 90 second and use pliers to get it off.  Then clip the teeth on the inside with clippers and voila, you can fill the bottle with whatever solution you want.  It was pretty awesome.


Oh, this next one is great for W. Washington gardeners like me.  It’s kind of like a “Slug Catcher” or slug redirector from
Cut a grapefruit or even and orange in half, place where the slugs are eating your flowers or veggies.  The citrus fruit attracts the slugs and they really do leave the flowers and veggies alone.  I was pretty impressed, because they will eat the whole thing!
Here’s another gardening tip from ajourneytoadream.blogspot.   This “Watering Jug”  works pretty well.
However, I do not think I got the holes big enough, because when I tried to pour water over my plants the jug would collapse in on itself.  So for next time, make the holes bigger.  It’s a great jug for those little babies in the green house though.
  paint remover
Last March our daughter Micah turned 16 and for her birthday she wanted to paint her room black and white.  No surprise really. I did the same thing at 14. LOVED IT!!  She invited a friend over for the weekend and the girls got to work painting … Needless to say they got some paint on the hard wood floor.   I happened to remember this pin.  I looked it up really quick like and yep it works!!  “Rubbing Alcohol Removes Paint”..  Thank you  and Pinterest!!
boredom buster
Y’all know by now that we have chickens and ooohhh how I love them.  I would hate for them to get bored, so I am always looking for new and interesting ideas to keep them busy.  I found this “Boredom Buster” on
 You know, at Christmas time all the grocery stores have the round Coke bottles with the polar bears on them.  This is one we picked up at Christmas.  I dumped the Coke out of it, cuz to me Coke isn’t worth the $1 we spent on it.  lol  Just my opinion.  Anyway, Jeffrey took off the label and drilled holes in it.  I filled it up with Organic, non GMO steel oats and tossed it into the Hen House.  Oh my the ladies love this one!!  It’s a keeper for sure.
 With the sun starting to peek out here in the Pacific Northwest, I want to share this “Homemade Natural Bronzer” from  
I really like this.  One recipe calls for cinnamon, but I didn’t like it.  It made my eyes burn.  I just used the cocoa powder and corn starch.  This is quick and easy to whip up.  You can store it in a glass jam jar in the bathroom where you put your face on.  It works pretty well.
 hm deoderant
Another beauty pin comes from  “Homemade Deodorant”.
In theory, this is a great idea.  Unfortunately, it isn’t going to work on the teenage daughter or son.  Not on anyone that sweats at all.  For me, it works just fine.  Although, at the end of a warm day, I needed to reapply.  Not a big deal really.  I’d use it again in a pinch, but I have found an Organic Deodorant online that I really like.
 canvas pic
This “DIY: Canvas Photo” pin form is super cool and easy to do.  I made one for my mom for Christmas this last year. 
I uploaded a print to and had it sent to my house.  I purchased a 4×6 canvas from Joann Fabrics.  I made homemade mod podge.  A recipe I found on Pinterest and it turned out great.  My only regret is I didn’t paint the edges of the canvas black like shown in the photo above. Next time I will do that.
 gift bow
The next pin I want to share with you is the “Homemade Gift Bow”.
The picture is explanation enough, good thing too, because the link doesn’t work anymore.  I have used this technique to make bows for birthday and Christmas gifts over the last couple of years.  I think they turn out cute for what they are.
The last 2 pins I want to share are for laundry.  One is the “Foil Dryer Ball” from  
All you do is ball up some foil, toss it in the dryer with the clothes and no more static.  Mostly.  This didn’t work perfectly, but it worked.  With polyester clothing, it didn’t work great. In a pinch though, I would use it again.   The foil also doesn’t soften the clothes either.  Right now I use epson salt with my laundry soap as a fabric softener.   That works great! Another Pinterest find.
Lastly, “Easy Stain Remover” from
Any laundry soap will work with this recipe.  I have personally taken red wine from cream carpet that was a set in stain.  I didn’t know it was there.   This stain remover worked perfectly.  I also had a mysterious grease stain on a burgundy jacket that I love.  I tried everything to get this stain out once I knew it was there.  This recipe took the stain out after 2 tries.  I was so grateful!
So there you have it.  DIY Pins that I have tried and my opinion.   I hope you find something useful here.  Have you tried any of the pins I listed?  Did they work for you the way they worked for me?  Do you have something even better?  If so, please share.
Happy Spring ♥ SABRINA

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