Pinterest Pin Reviews “Pins I’ve Tried and My Opinion” – Part 2 Food


Okay, Pinterest Pin Reviews, “Pins I’ve Tried and My Opinion”  Part 2- Food.  I’m not sure if it’s come out yet, but I am rather opinionated.  I try really hard not to be too harsh or judgmental.  God’s word says we will be judged just as harshly as we have judged others.  So with that in mind, as I write these pin reviews, I want the original author to know these are just my opinions and/or experiences.  If I didn’t like something you created, please know there is no judgement on you as the original creator.

First up, we have “Swedish Meatballs” from

Swedish Meatballs


This recipe has become a staple in our home.  The recipe takes a little time to make, but it’s quite tasty and well worth the effort.    I love the flavor in the meat balls and the creamy sauce.  I usually serve them over brown rice.  Mmmm Mmm Good!  Most of my family members love it.  However, our daughter is a bit picky when it comes to food.  If it isn’t pizza she really isn’t interested.


With that in mind, next up we have “Pizza Rolls” from 

Pizza Rolls


These are alright.  Very quick and easy, but not a whole lot of flavor.  I am not a fan of most processed foods and this uses canned bread and processed meat.  Keep in mind 80/20.  They are great for a night when you need something quick and easy.  You can certainly make your own variation of these.  I added sauce to mine and I didn’t use the stick cheese.  I think it’s the bread that tastes the best.  Micah, the pizza freak would rather have regular pizza.


Another one of our most favorites, except for Micah, are these “Crockpot Chicken Tacos” from Thisvintagegrove.   


Chicken Tacos


Oh man I’m telling you, these burst with flavor and so easy to make.  I put the frozen chicken breast in the crockpot in the morning before I leave for work.  I add homemade taco seasoning, and lime juice and off to work I go.   When I get home, I shred the chicken with 2 forks and it’s ready.  There will be lots of juice in the pot, but once you shred the chicken it soaks up all the juice and flavor.  Mmmm mmm good!


You can find the “Taco Seasoning” on

Taco Seasoning


This is a little jar of joy for those who like spice.  The great thing is you can make is as hot or mild as you like, because you are in control.  I will never need to buy packaged taco seasoning again.  This is worth the few minutes it takes to mix it up.  A real keeper for sure.


Along with taco seasoning I use poultry seasoning a bit too, so I found “Homemade Poultry Seasoning” on


Poultry Seasoning


This is another one of those quick and easy things to whip up.  No need to buy it when you can make it yourself and control the flavor.


With this adventure of eating more natural, whole foods, I am trying to add veggies.  Don’t get me wrong, I like veggies.  I just don’t like to make and eat them.  lol  I don’t know why.  I guess because most of my childhood I ate either gross veggies like Brussel Sprouts or mushy veggies from a can.  I have found an old favorite that I am currently eating all alone though, beets.   I haven’t shared them with the kiddos yet, but I had Jeffrey try some and he said they taste like dirt.  lol  I found them in a jar at Trader Joe’s.  No surprise there.  I love beets.   Anyway, this next pin is “Cheesy Roasted Broccoli Patties” from


Brocolli patties


These really were wonderful.  Actually, I think I will be making these tonight.  They were easy to make and had great flavor.  You can customize these however you like with different cheese or add cauliflower or even shredded carrots to them.


In the winter I love to make soups and one of my favorite is potato soup.  I like to add chicken or ham, but this “Cheesy Potato Soup”  from has bacon. We loooooooove bacon. 🙂  BACON !!! lol


Potato Soup


This is another really easy and delicious crockpot recipe.  So worth the time it takes to peel and chop the potatoes.  You’ve got to give this one a try.


I’m getting hungry.  I think it’s time for breakfast.  So just before I head to the kitchen for a few, I want you to see what I plan to eat.  In fact, I eat this almost every morning.  It is so yumo!  Ready?  Okay, here it is… “Homemade Coconut Oil Honey Almond Granola”  from



I love this granola.  Jeffrey and Jordan love this granola.  This recipe is so easy to make  and you can add anything to it.  This last time I made it, I added shredded coconut.  Yum!   I usually make a batch 2x a month.  I put 1/4 cup in my plain greek yogurt each morning.  I also add strawberry jam and stevia.  Oh man this is my favorite breakfast food, after coffee of course.



This lovely little hand painted sign can find on for $50.00.  I love coffee so much that I have a Pinterest board dedicated to my Coffee Love Affair You should check it out.


Okay, I’m back.  Belly is happy, so to finish off this post of Pinterest Pin Reviews, I have a few desserts I wanna share.  Most of you know that I love chocolate.  Probably as much as I love coffee. However, this next pin wasn’t what I would call sweet.  Here we have “Rich Chocolate Protein FroYo” from

Chocolate pudding


On my Pinterest board I said, “this was okay”.  It’s been a while since I’ve tried it, so maybe I should give it another try.  I mean hey, if I can eat a 1/2 cup serving of goat milk yogurt every day for 2 weeks (purchased by mistake) and adjust to that flavor, then  maybe I just need to try this one again.


Here is one of my favorites.  Oh man, these turned out amazing and they have the most unlikely ingredient.  Sshhh!  Don’t tell Micah!! Heehee ..  a can of black beans.  You’ve got to try these “Fudgy Brownies” from



I’m telling you, you don’t even taste the black beans.  Micah didn’t know they were there.  She never will as long as she doesn’t read this post and you do not tell her.  lol  I have a friend who has huge issues with gluten and as long as you are careful about the chocolate chips you use, if you use them at all, then these would be gluten free too.  It’s a win win.  Use stevia instead of sugar and coconut oil instead of canola oil and these are almost heaven.


Jeffrey and I love to sit and eat popcorn on the weekends mostly with a movie or when we catch up on a couple of shows from the week.  We would always eat microwave popcorn; always.  Then when I started reading labels and cutting things out one by one, microwave popcorn was gonna have to go, eventually.  So, this next pin is a very good alternative.  “Easy Brown Bag Popcorn” from



It really does work and tastes great.  We don’t really use this method, because we have a stove top popper that Jeffrey has become an expert at using.  We love popcorn.  🙂


Now if I had to pick a dessert that I would eat over anything else, it would have to be chocolate peanut butter ice cream with chocolate syrup.  Oh man!  My absolute favorite thing to eat!  So I am always looking for a non processed-ish way to make it and as low sugar as possible.  I came across this recipe for “No Churn Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream” on  Heehee!  I like her blog name.  That really is the best way to eat.  lol  

Ice Cream


Look at that!  Oh man.  Mmmm.  It looks amazing. But I didn’t like it!  I know, I know.  I can’t believe it either.  The family loved it.  They all said it was yumo.  To me it just didn’t have much flavor.  Maybe this is another one I need to try again.  I’m always willing.


I guess I should wrap this up.  It’s hard because there are so many pins out there, so many lovely recipes I’ve tried and what to share. But I guess I will end with this “Chocolate Banana Bread” recipe from

banana bread

I don’t know why, but it never occurred to me to add cocoa to banana bread.  It should have, but it didn’t.  I wish that it was me that came up with this idea, because it’s AMAZING!    This bread turned out so moist and delicious.  This happens to be Jordan’s favorite.  If you love banana bread, you’ve got to add cocoa and chocolate chips to it.  An extra banana wouldn’t hurt either.


So there they are.   Some of the Pinterest Food Pins I’ve tried and My Opinion.  I hope these reviews help you decide to try them or make them better.

What food pins have you tried?  How did they turn out?  Please let me know.  I’d love to hear about them.







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