Summertime Fun

There are just a few things I LOVE to do for summertime fun. The first is sitting in the sun. I love the warmth of the raze on my skin. I feel as though the Lord is warming me himself.  I just love that!   Jeff and I will both come home from work and head straight out to our deck and enjoy some raze.  Ahhh.

Summer sunning 2011


The second is summer time BBQ’s. They are the best! Hot off the grill burgers, steak or chicken. With potato salad, my dads baked beans and watermelon. Oh my!

The last thing I love to do in the summertime is attend Car Shows.  My muscle car obsession began when I was in high school.  The town I lived in was all about muscle cars and the high school boys were no different.  My high school sweetheart was in shop and he owned a 68 Chevelle.  Every Friday and Saturday night he would dink around with his car in the garage and then we’d head to town to go Crusin’.  I remember those days fondly.

Shortly after graduation, I was crusin’ with some friends and I saw a muscle car parked with a for sale sign.  I didn’t really know what it was.  It looked kinda like a Chevelle, but not really.   I asked the guy what it was, he told me it was a 70 Chevy Monte Carlo.  He wanted $2500.00.  He said he needed an economical car.   I thought the car was pretty cool.  It was black and had a pretty beefy motor.  So I made a deal with him that night.  I’d trade him my economical car for his car and make $200.00 a month payments.  He liked my deal, but the car was in his moms name and he’d need to talk with her.  Well long story short, she liked me and trusted me.  So 24 years ago, I became the owner of a muscle car.



My dad was the back yard mechanic kind so the muscle car union was a perfect fit.  It wasn’t long before he had his head under the hood of my Monte.  And he heard something … bad.  Something expensive.  He told my the motor needed to be rebuilt.  I had a rod bearing going out.  I couldn’t believe it.  He revved the motor and I could hear what he was talking about.  So the saving began.  I put every last dime I could into the bank until I had enough to start looking for another motor.

I built another motor with the help of some of my high school muscle car buddies and my dad.  It totally sounded tough and mean.  I LOVED IT!!

Below are some shots of my most favorite muscle cars…







As you may have noticed, I have a Malibu fetish …




This one right here is my most favorite.  It is black on black with tons of chrome.  Now, I’m not much of a blower fan (that big thing sticking out under the hood).  I think all the fun should be “hiding”.  No need to show off.  lol   But I saw this car at 3 car shows in 2012 and at 1 in 2013.  Whenever I see it, my heart starts pumping and I get a little sweaty.  lol  I really like this car.  It’s just a beautiful 67 Chevelle Malibu.

Here’s it’s motor just for kicks …







I’m not a fan of the color, but the car is awesome!




And my new found love is for the classic truck.

Happy Summer ♥


What are your favorite summer time activities?  Share them in the comments below.





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