New Puppy

The time has come for us to add our newest member of the family. Well it’s almost time anyway. I’ve been in contact with the German Shepard Breeder I told y’all about after we lost our beloved Mia.



Three weeks after we lost her, we chose to send our other beloved family member Alex to hang with Mia in heaven.  It was a tough choice to make, but he just ran out of time.  His back legs could no longer support him and I was ready to let him go.

Alex 2015


We miss our furry friends so very much, but the Hope of new life in a new puppy eases the pain some.  Grief takes a long time to get through, but now that we’ve had some time, we put a deposit down on this adorable little guy. Meet, Kaiser …



Kaiser is 5 weeks old today.  He is a super cute German Shepard puppy just about ready to come home.  Jordan has been wanting a German Shepard for about 2 years now and finding one that was in our price range took some time.  However, last April, Jeffrey and I were visiting my good friend Tina, her husband Shaw and their new addition, Bently.  He was adorable and huge at 4 months old.  But what a lover!  Jeffrey and I were totally excited to talk with the breeder our friends used.  We found out they planned to have a new litter ready in late July.  So, I’ve been calling them about once a month to make sure they know our name and that we are serious.

I got a call Friday July 3rd from the breeder.  He told me they only had 2 males and a gal was coming to choose one this week.  He said if we wanted first pick we needed to do it now.  There was no real way for us to go pick, so we chose through email.  They sent me photos of a dark pup,  a light pup, mom and dad.  Jordan fell in love with the dark one, so the check is in the mail for a deposit to insure our choice. Our friends Shaw and Tina also chose a pup from this litter.  They went July 3rd to pick out their pup.  Tina told me she held Kaiser and that he is super sweet.  She didn’t want to put him down!  🙂

So the count down begins, 2 weeks to go.  Jordan is getting completely prepared.  He works at Petco, so he has his groomer ready, the trainer is waiting and the Petco shopping bags keep coming in the door with Kaisers toys and necessities.  It’s really good to see our son excited about his new pet.  He took loosing Mia pretty hard, but with time comes acceptance. With Kaiser comes Hope and Joy.


Any new pets for you this Spring and Summer?  If so, what did you get?






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