First week with a New Puppy

New Puppy
A boy and his dog.



I’ve taken several pictures this First Week with a New Puppy.  This one is my favorite.  The boy and his dog sharing a moment. It’s a beautiful thing.

Since Kaiser is Jordans’ dog, he started the week sleeping in a crate in Jordans’ room.  Saturday night, Kaiser woke Jordan up every hour to go potty.  By Monday morning Jordan was weary with lack of sleep.  He said he was never, every having kids if this is what it was like.  I told him it was.  lol

As the days went by and the nights grew long for Jordan, he became more and more sleep deprived and must I say, cranky.  By Wednesday night I let Jordan know that Kaiser would no longer be sleeping in his room.  He needed to put Kaiser in the kitchen in the crate, set his alarm for 3 am and get some sleep.  Jordan agreed that his way sucked and he would try it my way.  I’d been telling him to do this for 2 days.

Getting sleep made the boy a new man.  lol   We’ve had Kaiser 1 week and really things are going well.  Jordan enjoys his new puppy much more now that he sleeps in the kitchen and Jordan sleeps.

The Damage

Although, a puppy will be a puppy and he chews on everything.


Kaiser has several toys which he plays with all day long, but chewing is what he does best.  Good thing trim is replaceable.


The Cat and the Puppy



We have 2 cats, one indoor, Tiffy and one outdoor, Max.  Neither are fond of Kaiser.  However, Tiffy is the worst.  She is a sassy girl who doesn’t enjoy her world being changed in any way.  On occasion when we have company Tiffy will pee on the carpet or even the items the company has brought into our home.  Ugh cat pee is the worst!  Lord willing she will adjust to Kaiser, but for now we will deal with her frantic hissing and slapping at the dog.


Puppy in Training

The training process seems to be going well.  The Kelley’s must have done some training, because Kaiser has alway sat on command since we’ve gotten him.  He now knows his name and whimpers when he needs to go out.  The trick is to hear him in time.  Praise the Lord for gates and kitchen flooring that cleans easy.




All in all, this first week has gone rather well.   We are all very pleased with Kaiser and are grateful for his presence in our home.  Well, except for Tiffy that is.

Have you added a new pet lately?  How did that first week go for you? Tell me your experience in the comment section below.

Happy Summer ♥ Sabrina










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