Patio Upgrade

When we first moved into the home we are in now, it had a hot tub with a deck built next to and around it. Now I am not a hot tub fan. To be honest, I float and a hot tub isn’t all that appealing when your husband has to hold you down with his legs. lol  So, I really never used it. However, as the kids grew, they used it mostly as a pool in the summer. The thermostat didn’t function right and I didn’t care if we replaced it or not so we never did.

Now that the kids are older and too big to use the hot tub as a pool, we decided to take it out.  It has become a fire hazard since it’s so old and the electric panel is really rusted.

It took all four of us to get it out and moved to the side of the house.  We got it with little damage to anyone.  Those things are HEAVY!!



So now it sits on the side of our house, but hopefully not for much longer.  Some friends of ours took their hot tub out, cut it up with a sawsall and halled it to the dump!  So that’s the plan.

With the hot tub out, and the decking around it removed we decided  to do a Patio Upgrade.   We could hire someone to come in and beautify our patio and decking but what’s the fun in that?




Before we laid down plastic, edged with old decking and filled with gravel, this is what we had.   Not very appealing.  Some of the weeds were up to my knees.  It was crazy!











Added Touch



My good friend Venus owns Vintiques by Venus.   It’s a quant little shop in a farmers market here in town.  I saw this potting bench and had to have it!  It’s the perfect touch to our little patio up do.   Click this hyperlink to her Facebook page and check her out!


I hope you like our little project.  Nothing too fancy, but it cost us almost nothing, well except the bench..

Have you done any summer projects?  Did they turn out the way you had hoped?  Please share in the comments below.



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