Christmas Cutout Cookies 80/20 Style

Sunday was a lazy Sunday for me.  Now when I say lazy, I mean I didn’t get dressed (again) or go any where.  Yes, that means I skipped out on church.  Jeffrey wasn’t home and I just didn’t feel like going without him.  So I stayed home in my jam jams and baked Christmas cookies.

During Christmas time, the kids and I have always made Christmas Cut Out Cookies. This year we made them 80/20 style.

Even at 17 and 19, the kids still love to cut out the cookies and decorate them. Now to be honest, they don’t spend as much time doing it as they used to.  Jordan cut several out, but didn’t decorated any. Micah did a little of both. There’s still plenty for me and Jeffrey to do.

80/20 Style

The 80/20 style here is the ingredients of course. The cookies are sugar free. I used the Christmas cookies recipe from Sugarless Low Calories Sugar Cookies.  I only made 1 real change in the dough.  I used almond extract instead of vanilla extract.  Jeffrey likes them to have the almond flavor.

In the ingredient list, Brenda lists Swerve as a sugar option.  Swerve is a cup for cup sugar alternative.  You can get it from Amazon.   She also gives the option of 3 tablespoons of stevia.  I used the stevia.  It worked very well and tastes great!

Natural Food Coloring

For the icing, I used just a classic butter cream frosting with butter, milk, powdered sugar and coloring.  The coloring I purchased a Holiday Icing Kit from  I picked it because the ingredients are vegetable coloring from beets and turmeric.  Pretty basic.


If you’re looking for a sugar free Christmas Cut Out Cookie recipe.  This is one is a great one from


I do hope you make these and enjoy the Christmas season doing the small things.  Like making cookies with your kids, even if they are teenagers.


Christmas Cut Out's

What’s one of your favorite Christmas traditions?  Tell me about it in the “Leave Reply” link at the top of this post.

Merry Christmas




2 Replies to “Christmas Cutout Cookies 80/20 Style”

  1. Love that you had a jammie day. Everyone should do this at least once a month, don’t you agree? As for the cookies, they lucky yummy! Love that you made them thicker than the norm. Hmm, maybe you can bring some of these for our family Christmas? Or do they not last long around your house. I’m afraid that would be the scenario at mine. ha So glad that Micah is feeling better. I completely forgot to ask!


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