Keep The Humming Birds Coming, Even In The Winter


When summer ends its always sad. lol. One of the small things that I miss is the humming birds.  I am just amazed by their tiny bodies and fast wings.

This year they stayed around.  So how did we Keep The Humming Birds Coming Even In The Winter?

Every year we get 2-3 birds around our home.  They go from the front to the back and off into the trees.  I really enjoy watching them from the windows.  However, once Fall arrives I never really see them again until Spring.  I just assumed they flew south for the winter or something.  lol

I had heard a few years ago, that you can keep the humming birds around all year if you keep fresh food for them.  I tried it with the store bought stuff last year to no avail.

This year, we began making our own.  It’s a recipe my father-in-law gave me years ago, but forgot about until this year.  I noticed the birds were still drinking what was left over from the summer.  I couldn’t imagine it was still good, but there they were.

I had Jeffrey take down the feeders so we could make more and filled them up.

They have been back all winter now.


2 cups water
1 cup sugar

Mix in a sauce pan till warm and the sugar is dissolved.
Let it cool and fill the feeder

Watch the Humming Birds return and stay all year long!

Hope you try this.  If ya do, let me know how it turns out.



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