Selfishness. It’s Like A Dandelion

Selfishness is like a dandelion.
Long before you see the big green leaves of greed and envy,
the roots are burrowing deep in the fertile ground of our hearts.

As it grows, the yellow flower stands tall with pride.
It sometimes hides in a field of daisies to mask it’s true identity.

Because it’s roots grow deep in the soil,
no one really knows the depth of it’s true self.

The wise see the yellow flower and recognize it for what it is.
The young mind will mistake the flower as beauty and want to share it with others.

The older generation knows the truth and try to kill it.
Unfortunately the seeds of the dandelion spread quickly and it takes up root somewhere close by.
Selfishness, like the dandelion is hard to kill.




I know.  I am very selfish.  I try to blame it on being “mostly” an only child.  It was usually only me.  I didn’t have to share with anyone really.  I also, figure it’s my parents fault.  They both spoiled me.  In different ways mind you, but I am spoiled none the less.   So at my age, my selfish roots are buried deep in my sinfully, fertile heart.

Along with selfishness easy follows greed and sometimes envy.  Not often for me though.  I don’t generally envy others.  I am greedy though.  It’s a sad reality for me.  I know it’s there.  I try to redirect my mind when greed comes along.


The word says,  “do nothing out of selfish ambition or vein conceit” in Philippians 2:3a.

I try to hide my selfishness.  I will be very unselfish at things that are easy for me.  Like sharing popcorn.  It’s not my most favorite food, so it’s easy to share.   However, I will hide ice cream and other chocolates at all costs.  I take most all my chocolates to work and leave them in my desk.

I am very giving and caring with my children, husband and my mom with most things.  However, it’s hard for me to give of my time for any one else.  It really does take effort for me to give of my time.

I think some of that is due to my being an introvert.  It’s hard to leave my home and go do things.  I’d really rather stay home in my yoga pants (nope don’t do yoga).  I talk more about this in my post, “Why Is Obedience So Difficult”.

Who Do I Worship

This last week, Pastor preached on worship.  Great sermon.  However, at the end he asked one question.  “Who/what do you worship?”  The answer easy popped into my head.  “I worship, me”.

Then last night my husband brought up an issue that shows me another selfish spot in my life.  So I get the feeling the Lord is trying to tell me something.  I need to work on this character flaw.

I NEED To Change

So with all my clarity and conviction, I need to somehow change this ugly truth of my true character.  But how?

I think I’ve made one good step in the right direction.  I have acknowledged this character flaw.  James 3:14 says, “But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth.”    I do not deny the truth.

I’ve also sought forgiveness from the Lord, again.  This is an ongoing flaw, so I really do ask the Lord to forgive me of my selfishness daily.  However, I do not know what to do about it.

Psalms 119:36 gives me an idea though, Turn my heart toward your statutes and not toward selfish gain.”  Turning my heart toward the Lord’s statues.  

So, spending time reading His word.  I just don’t always know where to begin.  I will sometimes just pick a book and read.  It won’t always apply to my life at that moment, but reading the Word is always a good thing.  Maybe Psalms and Proverbs is a good place. 

If nothing else, the reminder form James 3 should give me cause to seek freedom from this sin in my life.  Check this out!  James 3:16, “For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.”

I do not want disorder and every evil practice in my life.


Father forgive me for my selfishness.  Guide me Lord to sections of Your Word that will help me make this needed change.  Give me opportunities in my life to show unselfishness.  In Jesus name, Amen.

So who/what do you worship?  If the answer is anything other than Jesus, you may have a dandilon.  I pray you will find yourself worshiping only Jesus.




2 Replies to “Selfishness. It’s Like A Dandelion”

  1. Sabrina,

    I loved your analogy of comparing selfishness to dandelions. Such a powerful picture! Thanks for your transparency about this issue. We ALL struggle with selfishness every single day. Praise God for his never ending love and grace as we continue to deal with this while we live in these finite bodies!!
    Blessings to you, friend!


    1. Thank you Lisa! You’re right we all struggle. It seems the weed and its deep root seemed to fit real well. Blessings to you as well.


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