YIKES! Was That A Sugar Hangover?

Sugar Hangover

The Fall

It’s Friday night. We are watching TV and I feel like having ice cream. Just because it taste so yumo. It’s also 10 pm, but my son offers to go see if the minute mart has my favorite Ben and Jerrys.

He came back 10 minutes later with 2 pints of Phish Food. Not my favorite, but very tasty indeed. Normally Jeffrey shares with me, but the last time we had ice cream his stomach hurt so he’s trying to refrain. Being a tough guy. lol.  I’m not that tough when it comes to ice cream.

The Hangover

I have a confession.  I ATE THE WHOLE PINT by myself in that one sitting. Ugh. What was I thinking?? That’s 290 calories per half cup TIMES 4!!!   All my calories in one sitting. Shame, shame on me.  Can you tell I feel a bit guilty?

Anyway, Saturday morning I woke up with a duzy of a headache.  It felt like a hangover headache.  One that, I broke down and took over the counter medicine for.  It was that kind of headache.  I usually suffer though headaches.  I will use doTerra Past Tense EO, which will usually ease any mild headache for me, but not these kind.  I’d have to soak my head in a tub of EO to get rid of this one.


I’ve noticed since we began cutting out traditional processed foods for the most part, 80/20 at least, that if I over indulge in processed sugar I will get a headache.  This one happened to be a reminder for me.

I need a reminder once in a while that sugar in an over abundance is not good for me.  And friends let me tell you, this was it.  The next time I had ice cream, I only ate half the pint.

Ice cream is really hard for me to turn down.  Unless it’s plain vanilla or fruit flavors.  However, it is important to remember that gluttony is a sin and the hangover is the consequence of my sin.

Avoiding Temptation

This will help me to remember to Avoid Temptation and seek to be obedient to the Lord in this area of my live.   If you need a reminder, check out my post “How To Avoid Temptation“.  Yes, I will be rereading it as well.

We all sin and fall short of the Glory of God.

Romans 3:23 (NIV)

“for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,”

Have you ever experienced a Sugar Hangover? Or other food type hangovers?



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